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The 4 biggest problems with purchasing a phone online, and how we are different.

In our 7 years in the market, this is what we've observed. Below are the top 4 problems with purchasing a phone online, and how we are different.
#1 Lack of Testing
That is the single biggest secret in the online smartphone business. Almost all used/refurbished phone sellers do not actually test their phones before shipping. Crazy, right? For a device that is so important in every day life, you'd think more company's would make testing a priority.
We believe we are one of the few, possibly the only, online vendor that actually does the testing they claim to ensure you receive a working phone. We also offer the best warranty in the business should something go wrong.

How do we know our competition isn't testing? First, we ran a research study to see how our competition packages and ships their products in an effort to perfect our own methods. During this study, we saw an alarmingly high issue rate with the phones purchased including DOA (dead on arrival, units that didn't even power on!), cracked screens, no sound, and buttons that don't work. These types of issues would have been caught with even the briefest of tests. Second, we still occasionally place small orders with our competition when a certain item in our inventory gets too low in stock. The defect rate we observed on these small orders was again unacceptably high for a product they claim to be "fully tested" or have a "30 point inspection". How dissapointing to open a box and that there is a large dent in the back of the case and the power button only functions on one side. We won't name the competitor, but suffice to say they are one of the biggest out there.

#2  Inconsistent Quality
Sellers often describe items as being in better condition than they actually are, or they don't mention defects- either intentionally or unintentionally. Whether it's a dud that shows up in your mailbox, or a phone that looks like it was hit by a train after being sold as "mint" condition. It comes down to either lack of attention to detail, or shady business practices.
At Tiger Phones, we take the time to thoroughly inspect, test, and certify every phone that we sell. In addition to our testing, we take our grading process very seriously, and multiple members of our team look at each and every phone to confirm it's cosmetic condition before we certify the grade.
#3 Limited to no knowledge of product
Many of the sellers will get a large variety of products in and not really know any one of them well. They literally sell anything and everything they can get their hands on to turn a profit.
We are experts in what we sell. This allows us to answer questions before and after your purchase as well.
#4 "Just another number syndrome"
Their game is quantity and dollars, and quality and service often goes to the wayside.
We care about your experience. We aren't some megacorporation with outsourced support. We are a small business based in Chattanooga, Tennesee and we are passionate about our jobs. We care about our products, our customers, and the way we do business.
Ready to give us a shot? Let's go shopping!

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